Greetings to everyone.

This is Chung Young-Lin, The President of Korea Institute of Sport Science.

I sincerely congratulate the opening of the 2020 Spots Industry Global Conference, organized by the ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and Korea Institute of Sport Science to boost up the sports industry in Korea. Also, I would like to welcome you all who are with us via online.

Through two conferences held on October 16 and on November 27, we shared ideas about the topics, which are the prospects for the sport industry of the new normal era and K-Sports Wave: the globalization strategy of K-Sports. With this global conference, we would like to discuss about the prospects for the global sports industry after COVID-19. For the conference, we have had the opportunity to work with five precious speakers in abroad. The speakers shared their time to prepare the presentation for the conference.

The unexpected spread of COVID-19 has tremendously changed our life, and it is still making the huge transitions in our society. The normal life, such as working with colleagues and studying in the offline campus, is now moved into the virtual world. The sports industry, especially, has had the huge damages. However, the format of the spectatorship gets transformed, and it gives the new experiences to fans. The attempt to anticipate the prospect of the sport industry and use it for creating policies is very timely at this moment. Thus, I expect this conference can be the meaningful moment to foresee the global sports industry after COVID-19. 

To sum up, I thank for our precious speakers who spent their valuable time to participate in the conference and for those who are with us via online. I hope we can quickly overcome COVID-19 so that our precious life can be back as usual.


I wish a blessing for you all to have the happy ending for the rest of the year.

Thank you.